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It was not our first time in the dazzling Douro Valley, yet we somehow felt this time was the one we enjoyed the most. We decided to do it, once again, the unhurried way, spending some days in the region instead of just going for a day trip as some travelers do. And it proved to be a wise decision: the winding roads along the… Read more »

Did you know that Croatia has the second largest archipelago in the Mediterranean and more than one thousand islands? It might, hence, seem difficult to choose a single one in which to spend your holidays, but look no further: Hvar is the crown jewel of the Adriatic Sea. The Dalmatian coast has been “rediscovered” by Europeans in the last decade; the increased interest in the… Read more »

Zigzagging around the winding coastal roads of the French Riviera is probably one of the most remarkable experiences a traveler could have. The tiny villages in this part of France are delightful in themselves, yet the jaw-dropping views from the perched hamlets and breathtaking surrounding landscapes are a sight that will likely stay in your memory for years to come. It is no wonder so many… Read more »

Barcelona is one of those once seen never forgotten places. Considered the capital city of the Mediterranean, Barcelona has a particularly distinctive feeling, different from other main European metropolises, making it rather special and unique. It is somewhat impossible not to fall in love with vivacious Barcelona, a city welcoming of all other cultures, tastes and rhythms, whose delights go well beyond the modernist works… Read more »

There are many different Lisbons to be relished by visitors and residents alike, all of them captivating. Naturally, a first four-day-visit to the city should include the charming neighborhoods of Chiado and Baixa, St George’s Castle with its breathtaking views and enchanting Alfama. This busy first visit would be a lovely acquaintance with…

Once a neighborhood known for its intellectual allure and for having hosted artists as renowned as Picasso, Hemingway and Sartre, Saint Germain des Prés is one of our preferred areas for a genuine experience in Paris. Nestled in one of its most affluent residential quarters, the bourgeoise 6th arrondissement, as Parisians themselves would call it, the neighborhood has been able to keep its French flair in… Read more »

  We have been in search of the most astonishing seaside for years and just recently found what we consider to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Perfectly capturing the essence of images that come to mind when thinking of an island paradise, El Nido checks every box: idyllic landscapes, pristine waters, countless breathtaking shades of green and blue and sunny… Read more »

A trip to Rio de Janeiro, the “Marvelous City”, should leave no doubt as to how generous Mother Nature has been to the most famous city in Brazil. The unique geography, jaw dropping sights and idyllic landscapes of this seaside metropolis mix perfectly with the high spirits of the cariocas (Rio locals), who take some time off Bossa Nova to cheerfully celebrate in one of… Read more »

When you go to my pretty Havana be prepared to find a place like no other in the world! It is full of surrealism or perhaps the magical realism that seems to come right out of the pages of an Alejo Carpentier book, one of the island’s most incredible and important writers. The whole city is a visual treat and tremendously photogenic, after all, you… Read more »

It is as though for that one month the world becomes small, the size of a country, and perfect. As they step off the plane onto the World Cup host nation, soccer aficionados seem to go through an imaginary portal of sorts, away from their daily commitments and tensions, to enter a land of happiness, comradery, enjoyment and, of course, high quality soccer. People do… Read more »

Boston is a city that breathes the history of the United States Independence, and walking along the famous historical landmarks is of course a must. The Freedom Trail, easily identified by following the various markings on the sidewalks, runs through sites you’ll recognize as references in history books and pictures. The trail starts near the Tourist Office in Boston Common and covers important churches and chapels, cemeteries where emblematic… Read more »

One of the most adorable neighborhoods of Boston, Beacon Hill, is simply delightful. You will likely be enchanted by its Victorian charm, the peaceful cobblestone streets with flowering trees, the small buildings with rows of aligned bricks, the old wooden structures. Walking around this residential neighborhood, one of the most exclusive in Boston, is very pleasant. Visit one of the most photographed streets of the US, the… Read more »

Many pictures of Boston depict the very building that is today known as Quincy Market, an old chaotic open air market which was rebuilt as a structure with Greek inspired themes and an ornamental interior dome. The old market became a mall of shops and restaurants well frequented by locals and travelers alike. Across from it is Faneuil Hall, a building erect by a French family of… Read more »

The gardens known as Public Garden, and the oldest park in the US, Boston Common, are next door neighbors. As such, your visit can include both and you can also visit picturesque Beacon Hill, which is located right next to the parks. In the Public Garden you’ll find statues of well-known historical figures, a small lake with pedal boats, a small iron gate which guarantees some lovely pictures… Read more »

A stroll around Newbury Street in the Back Bay neighborhood is very pleasant, even if you are not planning to shop. It is worth a visit just to have a look at the interesting shop windows, many of which are quirky independent shops, and enjoy the cafes and restaurants. Back Bay is a residential area and you’ll undoubtedly notice a larger amount of locals than… Read more »

If you are planning on staying a few days in Santorini, as we did (we like to really get to know and explore each destination), there are good options for sunbathing and swimming. Be mindful that Santorini beaches look different than the beach scene which may come to mind when you think of Greek islands. Here, the cliffs and caldera make for a unique landscape.… Read more »

Oia, the most popular area of Santorini, is packed with day tourists, which can be a little overwhelming in high season. We recommend you go down to one of the most magical and tranquil spots in the island: Ammoudi. You can reach this hidden gem by car, quadricycle or scooter. Enjoy the views as you make your way there and park anywhere at the end… Read more »

The Akrotiri archeological site gathers a collection of artefacts and remains from temples and past lives, discovered over 30 years of excavations. A trip to Greece can spark a certain curiosity about ruins, which have witnessed centuries of history. Should your trip also include Athens, you can probably skip this site and enjoy the beaches and other attractions unique to Santorini. However, if you are… Read more »

Avoid the tourist boat-tours with set itineraries, during which you cannot determine your own pace and opt instead for a private tour. If you are in a group, it will not likely cost that much more and will most certainly be more enjoyable. The best companies on the island are Santorini Yachting Club and Sunset Oia. We did try a third company, but had a few… Read more »

If you are spending a few days in Santorini and have time to see another island, take a short trip to nearby Ios. It’s well known for its beautiful flatter landscape, when compared to Santorini, and picture perfect seas, which have a myriad of hues of blue in contrast to Santorini’s almost monotone deep blue sea. There is a daily Santorini-Ios service which leaves in… Read more »