Berlin is all about history and different forms of art. Considering its turbulent past, it is quite remarkable to see Berlin became one of the coolest spots in Europe, in such a short period of time. With its impressive amounts of museums, galleries, iconic sites and a buzzing nightlife, Berlin attracts a large crowd of people looking for culture, food and fun. Whether you stay at the busy and trendy Mitte or elegant Charlottenburg, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Berlin, Germany’s capital and largest city, is clean, safe and more affordable than most other European cities. As Berlin’s own Marlene Dietrich once said “you have no idea how beautiful you are, Berlin…”, and we recommend you visit and find out for yourself!


Where to Stay

You will be able to enjoy different areas of Berlin since it is quite easy to move around. There is not much traffic in case you want to get taxis, the city fosters the use of bicycles and there is plenty of public transport.  The Mitte in the east side of town is full of excellent restaurants and where most cultural life and events take place, there are museums, art galleries, music venues, monuments and historical sites. The area near Hackerscher market has also become very trendy and cool, luring a hipster crowd. Potsdamer is all hustle and bustle with modern buildings, the main train station and hotels, all walking distance to the Mitte. Charlottenbug and the Ku’damm are in the elegant west side of Berlin, with fashionable shops and fine restaurants. It is close to Berlin’s beautiful green area called the Tiergarten, and a ten minute drive to most of the city’s attractions.