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Stroll around Beacon Hill

One of the most adorable neighborhoods of Boston, Beacon Hill, is simply delightful. You will likely be enchanted by its Victorian charm, the peaceful cobblestone streets with flowering trees, the small buildings with rows of aligned bricks, the old wooden structures. Walking around this residential neighborhood, one of the most exclusive in Boston, is very pleasant. Visit one of the most photographed streets of the US, the historical Acorn Street, stroll around Charles Street with its quaint little shops, appreciate the bucolic Louisburg Square, one of the most expensive addresses in Boston. You can make your own way around or book a guided tour, which we found to be excellent and highly recommend it (link below). Beacon Hill is next to Boston Common, which is also where the beautiful government building Massachusetts State House is located. As such, one option is to plan your visit to Beacon Hill whilst you are doing Freedom Trail or the parks. One of our suggested restaurants, Toscano, is also in Beacon Hill, so replenish your energies with a nice Italian meal.