Boston breathes history. In its streets were staged many events relevant to US history and the characters we read about in books seem to appear as you stroll around the city. Situated in the northern region of America, Boston has a high quality of life and its school system and public services attract new residents on an ongoing basis. Boston is hot, despite the cold (forgive the pun), and picturesque neighborhoods mingle harmoniously with sky scrapers, parks and gardens. Boston Common, the most well known park in the city, is the oldest public space in the US. You will also find a surprising Little Italy and a bustling theatre district right in the middle of the historical center. The gastronomic scene has been attracting some renowned names to the area and we were impressed by the creative cuisine offered in the cafés and restaurants, mixing typical western products with those from Far East and beyond. Far less touristic than its nearby big sisters   Washington and New York, Boston will give you more of a taste of the American lifestyle in a big city, with all its unique beauty, tradition and class.

Where to Stay

Boston is relatively small when compared to American metropolis such as New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. This will make your trip much easier as everything is in relatively close proximity and Boston’s main sights are concentrated in one area. Our favorite neighborhood is Back Bay, a short walk or 5 minute taxi ride to Boston Common, a commonly used reference point. It is a more tranquil residential area, with typically English Victorian architecture, and where you’ll find graceful Newbury street, perfect for outdoor shopping. Another alternative is Beacon Hill, a very picturesque neighborhood. Please note, however, that the hotels in Beacon Hill are close to the busiest part of downtown. It is in downtown that you’ll find most of the city’s attractions close to one another, places like Freedom Trail, as well as the bustling Theater District next door.