If you are planning on staying a few days in Santorini, as we did (we like to really get to know and explore each destination), there are good options for sunbathing and swimming. Be mindful that Santorini beaches look different than the beach scene which may come to mind when you think of Greek islands. Here, the cliffs and caldera make for a unique landscape. Red Beach is the most famous and has breathtaking views. Red rock walls, warm sands and a sea that changes in hues and colors depending on which angle you look from. In the open sea, near the cliffs, it seems as though the water is covered in blue cellophane paper. You can drive and spend the day at the beach or take a boat trip. There are other nice beach options: Perivolos and Perissa are similar, Perissa being slightly more beautiful for the large rock wall on its end. There are many bars and restaurants appropriately equipped to cater to beach visitors. Jojo appealled to us, a cool atmosphere with excellent infrastructure, but we heard Terra Nera had a nicer menu though… In Perissa the most popular is Magic Bus, but every year we hear rumors they will not open again next summer. It is also very busy, so unless that is what you are seeking, opt for the more discreet 2Nice. We spent some lovely hours at 2Nice between our beach loungers and the sea, and ate one of the loveliest Greek salads of the season. On the other side of the island, opposite the caldera, is Kamari beach. There are plenty of restaurants and cool bars to be enjoyed there also. We recommend Seaside, which is also a hotel besides restaurant, to freshen up and have some drinks and snacks.