New York, New York, the most exciting, dynamic and cosmopolitan city in the world. A hub for business and finance, culture, entertainment, gastronomy and home to iconic Central Park. Some of the world’s greatest museums, art galleries and alternative art scene are concentrated there, as are musicians and music lovers, gathering in concert halls, jazz clubs, performing arts and world-renowned venues like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. For foodies who enjoy anything from exotic to traditional cuisine or home cooked to fine dining styles, the high quality and diversity of New York´s restaurants, cafés, street food stalls and markets is simply unrivaled. Not to mention the array of shopping options available, sure to match all tastes and budgets. And, if you are in town for business, you will surely enjoy a quick break to experience some of the city’s main attractions or restaurants. In the city that never really sleeps, there is definitely something for everyone.

Where to Stay

Stay in Manhattan. Chic and elegant Uptown is full of restaurants and bars, close to the Central Park and cultural venues, and a stay in the region will allow you a glance into the lifestyle of the high-income private-schooled New Yorkers. Midtown, one of our preferred areas, has the shopping entertainment of the Fifth Avenue region, stunning St Patrick’s Cathedral and beloved Bryant Park. Office buildings are everywhere, but it is still quite close to Central Park and many attractions. You also have trendy and hip Soho, Grenwich Village, Meatpacking District, East Village and Tribeca. Those neighborhoods hold the highest concentration of delightfully stylish bars, restaurants, galleries, shops and everything cool or charming you can possibly find on planet Earth. Downtown is great, especially if you are in town on business and your main goal is to visit attractions in the region.