Rome was not built in a day. All roads lead to Rome. When in Rome do as Romans do. Eternal Rome. Probably no other city in the world has as many proverbs and sayings as Rome. And that indicates the obvious importance of the city to history and civilization. However, the interesting thing about Rome is that not only does it have some of the most magnificent monuments and historical sites in the world, it has beautiful minor details and small memoirs of history in every corner. Take a stroll along the many streets in the (huge) historical part of town and you will see it. Every single quarter has a monument, a church, a statue, a villa, a piazza. You come across little hidden gems and grand treasures all the time, many not listed in guidebooks or “must-see” lists. Still, Rome is also home to charming neighborhoods, enchanting cobblestone streets and alleyways, and an easygoing atmosphere that is both captivating and awe inspiring. As if all that was not enough, Rome reigns supreme in the whole of Italy for its marvelous food in traditional and old-style restaurants. In Rome you can enjoy opera at ancient thermal baths, rock at the stadium or take a train and reach graceful little towns in less than one hour. When planning your trip please do yourself a favor: skip the usual touristic 3-day stay in Rome. Enjoy some more time exploring this ancient city, there really has an immensity of options of things to see, do and savor.

Where to Stay

Areas and neighborhoods we suggest at Suite 49 are conveniently located to visit the city’s attractions close to restaurants, bars and cafés. The left bank of the Tiber is the area near the Vatican and Trastevere, ideal for visiting the area and enjoying Trastevere, especially enchanting at nighttime. On the right bank of the Tiber, we like elegant Regola, an affluent location near Piazza Farnese, the best area if you intend to stroll around. Shopping at famous Condotti and Corso, yet still close to monuments and historical sites, we recommend the Campo de Marzio, near Piazza di Spagna and Villa Borghese. To stay closer to the ancient part of Rome, near the Colosseum, Monti (the up-and-coming part of town and not yet fully explored) and Cavour are good choices.