Some say every single nationality on the planet is represented in Geneva by at least one inhabitant. Given that Geneva is home to one of the UN’s headquarters, the OMC and so many other multilateral institutions, this observation is probably true. And you can easily feel the pluralism in the local community for yourself as you walk around Geneva’s streets, the promenade around the lake or its many cafés, and witness the myriad of styles, features and various languages from all over the world. Hence, when we refer to locals, in Geneva’s case, we actually mean the people who reside there and who may not necessarily be Swiss. Experience this lively city, which has a much younger vibe than expected, by taking advantage of the many attractions available: activities by Lake Geneva with magnificent snowcapped Montblanc as a backdrop, the Rhône river, the small and charming Vieille Ville (Old Town), the surrounding world heritage protected vineyards and summertime music festivals that probably make other cities envious. If you are fond of luxurious shopping or simply window-shopping, Geneva is a perfect place, just plan to spend some time around affluent Rue du Rhône. And why not appreciate some opera or classical music and the beautiful Grand Théâtre, inspired by Paris’s Garnier? Geneva may well take you by surprise with its classic beauty yet young and eclectic atmosphere.

Where to Stay

We highly recommend you stay in the center of town. In fact, the closer to Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) or to River Rhône, the better. The city center is where you will find most of the city’s attractions, such as Vielle Vile (Old Town), luxurious shops, as well as the business and banking regions. Areas like prominet Plainpalais, Jonction, Quartier des Bains (considered Geneva’s Soho), lively Paquis or elegant Euax Vives, are those which you probably hear about most. Carouge is lovely, but a bit distant, so we recommend you stay there only if you are visiting friends or if doing business in the area. All our suggested hotels are well located within walking distance to most of the city’s attractions.