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Archeological site and wine

The Akrotiri archeological site gathers a collection of artefacts and remains from temples and past lives, discovered over 30 years of excavations. A trip to Greece can spark a certain curiosity about ruins, which have witnessed centuries of history. Should your trip also include Athens, you can probably skip this site and enjoy the beaches and other attractions unique to Santorini. However, if you are interested in archeology or history, a trip to Akrotiri, only recently open to visitation, is worth our time. A nice idea may be to combine this visit with the Santorini vineyards. Surprisingly to most, Santorini produces delicious local wine, and those in the know say this has been the case since the Romans. The vineyards can be visited at mealtime, when you can not only savor delicious food but accompany it with some lovely locally produced wine. You may try some wine as you watch the sunset, but please note not all vineyards are ideally located for this experience. Plan to spend a full or half day, depending on your interests. With a private guide you can tailor the visit to suit your preferences. Or, rent a quadricycle, weather permitting, and go as the wind may take you with an adventurous spirit and no set times. Except just try to remember to make reservations for the vineyards and book your Akrotiri tickets online. Enjoy!


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