Known as a business metropolis, São Paulo could come across as cold, a concrete jungle as it is referred to by some. Yet, São Paulo pulsates an exciting accelerated heartbeat, and is one of the most switched on global cities in the world, with an impressive and abundant diversity of ethnicities, styles, cuisine, culture, international events, museums, street art, music and fashion. The effervescent migration that settled in São Paulo are evident as you move through the city and experience influences from the Portuguese, Arabs, Germans, Italians, Japanese (the largest Japanese colony outside Japan) and Jews. Be it in restaurants, the names of its people, its streets or its squares, diversity is everywhere. Looking for a reason to visit São Paulo? Take your pick!

Where to Stay

São Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world. The public subway service is limited, hence there is a very intense flow of traffic. As such, we highly recommend you book a hotel within easy access to the areas which you want to visit. Vila Madalena and Pinheiros are bohemian neighborhoods, with cool bars and cafes and trendy people. The residential area of Jardins offers elegant options in the city, where you will find some of the best restaurants, high fashion shops, and museums such as MASP. The city center is the Old Town, with its historical buildings, theaters and old churches, but we do not recommend a stay in the region (just a visit during the day). Itaim is the business region in town, but also full of excellent restaurants and bars. Have an amazing stay in São Paulo!