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Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall

Many pictures of Boston depict the very building that is today known as Quincy Market, an old chaotic open air market which was rebuilt as a structure with Greek inspired themes and an ornamental interior dome. The old market became a mall of shops and restaurants well frequented by locals and travelers alike. Across from it is Faneuil Hall, a building erect by a French family of Huguenots who arrived in Boston whilst fleeing the prosecution of Protestants in France. It was offered as a gift to the city of Boston. The building, aside from being a part of the market, was also the meeting point for celebrities and political movements. The exterior is currently being restored and within you’ll find shops and restaurants. Across the way, in open air, there are various types of entertainment including season festivals and expos. Quincy Market is a must to visit when Boston and you’ll walk right past it during the Freedom Trail walk.