The Age of the Discoveries and Portuguese seafarers’ adventures can be evidenced in Lisbon’s marvelous architecture and well-preserved historical buildings and monuments. Yet, despite being proud of its glorious past, the capital of Portugal gracefully welcomes progress and this combination makes it a hot-spot destination sure to entertain history connoisseurs and hip fun-seekers alike. Lisbon is one of the most enchanting European cities for its luminosity, geography, unique cuisine and historic sights. Another alluring aspect of Lisbon is its local people, agreeable, friendly and modest, who often like to recount nostalgic tales of days gone by. The meaning of a word unique to the Portuguese language, saudade, is exemplified by its people and music, expressing nostalgia and longing for someone or something, a sentiment clearly expressed in heartfelt fado performances, with melancholic rhythms and lyrics, which often reflect the hardship its people endured. One of its most renowned poets, Fernando Pessoa, famously quoted: “The endless sea is Portuguese”. Although contemporary society may define glory through different criteria, we certainly hold a special place for glorious Lisbon in our travel diaries.

Where to Stay

Despite being set over seven hills, it is actually easy to move around Lisbon. Its historical neighborhoods are close to one another and not far from the bohemian part of town and the trendy nightlife. An area that is actually a bit further away is Belém, but there is plenty of local transportation should that be your region of interest. Bairro Alto and Chiado are some of our preferred areas, with trendy restaurants and charming hotels, and close to historical Alfama with its alleyways and cobblestone streets. Liberdade Avenue is modern and busy, but quite conveniently located. Don’t miss the opportunity to take one of the old-style trams that go up and down hills and circulate in different neighborhoods. Principe Real has become one of the most fashionable neighbourhoods, it is worth staying or visiting.