The upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup has made Moscow focus all of its efforts in becoming more of a top-notch destination choice for travelers. Investments in logistics, hotels, overall infrastructure and signaling in the Roman alphabet will make visitors’ lives a lot easier. Even if you are not fond of the sport it is a good opportunity to see the city after such a serious uplifting, it seems nowadays in Moscow everything is brighter, newer and locals are friendlier and more open to host foreigners. The city is also famous for its upscale restaurants and hotels, as well as monuments and sites that have witnessed some of the most important historical events in the last centuries. Stunning orthodox churches and monasteries, vibrant flea markets, and world-renowned theaters and ballets complete the allure. Take advantage to read some Russian classics before your trip and start your immersion into the culture of this incredible city.


Where to Stay

Moscow is a large city and it is organized in “rings”, with the Red Square and the Kremlin at its center. Despite being well served by subway stations, some considered to be the most beautiful in the world, rush hour can get really packed. So try to stay close to your area of interest. We particularly like Kitay-Gorod or Tverskoy, which are walking distance to the Red Square and many other attractions in the city, like museums, ancient churches and the famous GUM department store. Basmanny is neighbor to Kitay-Gorod and ideal if you want to have a more tranquil stay and still be close enough to the center.