The first thing that crosses your mind when you think of Switzerland is chocolate? Watches? Cheeses? Zürich goes beyond these well-deserved emblematic associations. It is the epitome of an organized society, with its world leading banking and financial institutions, highly efficient public services and a quality of life considered one of the best in the world. As a traveler, what should you expect when you decide to spend some days in Zürich? A country that is admirable for the peaceful coexistence of different cultures and languages in all of its cantons deserves an incredible city like Zurich. Set amidst idyllic mountainous scenery and the pristine waters of the lake and river, Zürich is safe, people are friendly and service in general is very attentive. It is the largest city of Switzerland and also the nation’s cultural hub, having been the cradle of Dadaism, you shall find plenty of contemporary art to appreciate. Zürich has an excellent transportation system and an array of options for places to stay, dine and visit, you are likely to be charmed by Zürich as we have been!

Where to Stay

Zürich has a very charming old town. The elegant and upscale western bank of Limmat river is Lindenhof, with its lovely alleyways, upmarket shops, excellent restaurants, Paradeplatz and the world famous Bahnhofstrasse. On the eastern bank  you will find lively bohemian Niederdorf. This pedestrian zone runs all the way to Bellevue and attracts a young fashionable crowd to its bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and the Opera House at the lovely Bellevue Square. Another region we quite like is Seefeld, right behind the Opera House and close to Lake Zürich. This elegant area is ideal for those intending to enjoy the beautiful lake bank promenade, the stunning views of the city, parks, yet still be close to Bellevue and both Münsters. Avoid the Langestrasse region and, even though we like the upcoming trendy neigborhood Kreis 5, we suggest not staying there either, but rather just visiting, as it is far from the lake and river.