Why Suite49

We share our own travel experiences so that you may have wonderful and memorable moments in your own travels. Our goal is to have you come back home full of amazing things to tell your family and friends, with incredible memories and pictures to share. At Suite 49 we believe such travel joy can be achieved with a STAY at an upscale, charming, well-located hotel and with attentive service. We also believe food and drink are an immersion into a destination’s culture and everyday living. A memorable trip means you EAT & DRINK at places that offer delicious food and beverages in a variety of atmospheres, from food markets to fancy restaurants, from typical dishes and ambiences to trendy spots. Trust us: we try them all and recommend our personal favorites, you can easily find something to suit your tastes. Another high priority for Suite 49 is understanding local peoples’ habits and the places they like to go. We are avid about exploring different things to do in the destinations to which we travel, always seeking the best options for your visits in order to share GREAT SPOTS with you. Come travel with us!

Trust Us

The creation of Suite 49 is a result of years of advising family and friends on their trips and receiving extremely positive feedback. We are independent travelers. Unlike other specialized companies and sites, we are not sponsored. We do not represent hotel chains, restaurants or travel bureaus. The hotels, restaurants and attractions we personally visit are paid with our own resources. We do not accept invitations nor complimentary goods, so as not to be biased, and ensure we recommend only the best options possible. We travel the way you do, and we want to make sure you have a fantastic time.

We've Been There Before

We have been travelling the world, on leisure and on business “ever since”, we have lived in different countries, we understand different cultures. We suggest places we have tested, where we have stayed, where we have eaten, what we have visited. Most other companies will help you with attendants who never experienced the destinations they advise. Not us! We cherish our own experience and we want to pass that over to you, in an objective and easy way. Forget about those endless hours of internet searching. We aim our suggestions at like-minded travellers who like beautiful, upscale and well-located hotels. People who understand that food is also cultural, and enjoy good eating regardless if it is at a starred Michelin restaurant or at a food market. Suite 49 travelers will seek us not for the obvious sights in a city, but rather for those hidden gems most people don’t go to, or to experience a destination like locals do.

We Know Your $ Is Very Dear

The upscale hotels we suggest will be sometimes grand other times boutique, charming or splendorous, all very well located and at rates that are more reasonable than the ones practiced by the ultra luxurious houses. We have actually stayed and visited all hotels in our site, and of course we recommend only the ones we like. Our reservation process is simple, objective and online; we have tested many hotel booking engines and we found out that Booking.com is the best instrument, therefore we have partnered in order to optimize your time. All restaurants, cafes, bars or eating venues, and all great spots for your visits, have been tested and approved by us. Book your hotel through Suite 49, take a look at our amazing tips in many destinations available, and make the most of your travels.

That's who Suite 49 is.

Try us. You will enjoy it!