As one of the largest cities in Europe, Madrid is a very good example of a metropolis that has succeeded in keeping its own personality. Cultural heritage from historical events, like the presence of the Moors or the influences of the new world discoveries, can be felt after spending some days in the capital of Spain. Opulent classical buildings and palaces, the beautiful Retiro Park, trendy or elegant districts, majestic fountains, world-renowned museums, a vibrant nightlife and a lively population all add to the allure. Of course, a special chapter in the city’s main attractions is devoted to its superb gastronomy, from tapas to traditional dishes and molecular food. And even though the charming traditional siestas have become less usual, you will still see some smaller shops and businesses closed early afternoons. As nightlife still has a late start in joyous Madrid, take your siestas and enjoy your visit!


Where to Stay

Madrid has many interesting neighborhoods, our favorites being in the city center. Chueca is vibrant and diverse, welcoming all tribes, from senior citizens to the LGBTQ community. Next to Chueca you will find Malasaña, the hippest part of town. Very close to each other, they have a lively crowd frequenting its many restaurants, vintage cafés, independent boutiques and nightclubs, amidst some graffiti walls. La Latina’s cobblestone streets, charming alleyways and traditional architecture reminisce a bygone era. Salamanca is sheer elegance, with a quieter residential feel and upscale restaurants, bars and high-end shops. Plaza Mayor, of course, is the epicenter of the city, conveniently close to all other areas, yet it can get somewhat overrun by tourists. Take your pick and enjoy a fabulous stay in marvelous Madrid!