Brussels is not very frequently found in travelers’ lists of destinations in Europe, a fact which we find to be undeserved. The city, usually remembered as home to the European Parliament and associated to bureaucracy, is in fact a lovely place and the ideal gateway for a weekend or an extension to your days in popular Paris or Amsterdam, both only one and a half hours away by train. In Brussels you will see one of the most beautiful squares in the world, the UNESCO protected Grand Place and its famous guildhalls. The city blooms in Spring and Summer, when the square becomes the stage for friends’ meetings, visitors and many festivities and celebrations. Beyond its ”grand dame”, you will surely be amused by great museums, the cheeky mascot (wee) Manneken Pis, delicious food and arguably the world´s best chocolate. A not widely known fact is that Tintin is actually Belgian, since its cartoonist, Hergé, was born in the region, and that the city has the most comic book writers per square meter in the world. If you are a history buff, there will be plenty for your entertainment, including a visit to Waterloo, just south of the city, the very site where feared Napoleon was defeated. Why not take advantage of Belgium´s elusive reputation and plan your next trip to its capital city before it starts getting too packed? Get ready for some very nice days in Brussels and you may well be surprised at how much you will love it!

Where to Stay

When in Brussels you will probably spend a lot of time visiting the Grand Place and all attractions around it, so plan to stay as close as possible to the square. There is no denying it is hectic, but quite convenient. If you would rather stay at a quieter area of town, yet still close to the Grand Place, we loved the Sablon neighborhood, just fifteen minutes by foot to the Place, and close to museums and fine restaurants. And just on the edge of the area that surrounds the city´s main square and attractions, you will find Place Rouppe, another good choice for your stay. All our suggested hotels are in these regions.