Bologna has been overshadowed by other incredibly beautiful Italian cities like Rome, Florence and Venice. Yet, discerning travelers would not miss a visit to one of the most elegant and interesting cities in Italy. Located in the Emilia-Romagna region, Bologna is known as La Grossa (“The Fat”), a reference to its amazing cuisine. It has been attracting an increasing amount of gourmets and gourmands who flock to the region to learn why and how the food can be so overwhelmingly good. Also known as La Dotta (“The Learned One”), the city is home to the oldest university in the western world and has a vibrant student and cultural life. Last but not least, it is also called as La Rossa (“The Red) due to its red terracotta roofs and its political tendency to support the communists in olden times. Its delightful piazzas and quintessentially colorful porticoes add to the allure and make Bologna a fascinating destination.

Where to Stay

Bologna is an easy city to visit, since most of its attractions are in the old, and somehow small, city center. The historical old town concentrates all of the city’s beauties and attractions, and in basic terms: the closer you stay to the Piazza Maggiore and Via Independenza the better. If you are in town for some events at the Bologna Fieri (Bologna is home to some of the most important fairs in the world) or other businesses and need to use trains services often, stay closer to the train station which is actually in the edge of old town, so you will be able to enjoy the city as well. All our suggested hotels are in these regions.