Usually associated with partying, Mykonos is certainly the kind of place where you can easily enjoy dancing the nights away. Yet, this paradisiac Greek island also has a tranquil side amidst its magnificent sea of endless hues of blue and awe-inspiring sunsets. Our latest stay on the island was quite a long one and we were delighted to find many quiet or even secluded stretches of sand and boat rides that take you to hidden gems on the coast, meltemi (the typical strong wind that has been known to take sailors by surprise) allowing. The food scene has gone through a well-deserved upgrade, with some Greek or Mediterranean meals adding to the allure. The enchanting combination of breathtaking sea views, archeological sites, the quintessential white houses framed in pink bouganvillias and excellent dining options will make this fantastic getaway one of your most memorable travels.


Where to Stay

The most famous beaches in Mykonos are in the south/southeast of the island: narrow and quiet Agios Ioannis, family friendly Ornos and Platys Gialos with its large concentration of hotels, trendy Psarou, beautiful and busy Paraga, lovely and long Elia and youthful party point Paradise. The north of the island has equally wonderful beaches, less crowded than the ones in the southern areas, with some secluded options. It may also be interesting to consider staying near charming Chora (city center), midway between the busier southern beaches and the quieter northern ones, in a location that will allow you to move around the island and make the most of its sights, whilst enjoying the bars and restaurants in the evenings. So take your pick and choose according to your mood!