South America’s latest hot spot, Bogota, is no longer just a point of connection to the Caribbean. Framed by the mythical Andes, the capital of Colombia is the country’s beating heart, an engaging, vibrant and booming city. Its alluring colonial cultural heritage can be observed in the quintessential architecture and a profusion of gold in Bogota’s monuments and religious buildings. Yet, you will find exciting new restaurants, charming boutique hotels and cool craft breweries springing up across town. The internationally popular Colombian roses will likely decorate and scent most ambiances you enter, as will the best coffee in South America, sure to uplift your mornings and after meals. If you are able to extend your stay, pay a visit to the beautifully charming Cartagena and immerse yourself into an amazing Colombian experience.

Where to Stay

The regions we like the most in Bogota are Zona (zone) G and Zona T. Quite near to one another, these zones have the greatest concentration of upscale hotels, sleek restaurants and cafés offering the best dining options in town, as well as trendy shops and galleries. Most of our suggested hotels are in this region, and although we usually do not suggest properties belonging to large chains, in Bogota some of the best options will fall into this category, and we are commited to offering the very best in hospitality and overall experience. Some of the city’s attractions are at the La Candelaria, a 30 min taxi ride, with Plaza Bolivar at its center, but we recommend you visit the area during the day and avoid night strolls. We hope you enjoy your stay in the golden city of Bogotá!