Croatia is home to a darling little seaport village called Dubrovnik. This prominent destination in the Adriatic Sea has a small population that is in no way proportional to the many beauties the place has to offer. The city, developed on maritime trade, was influenced by many cultures and developers including the Greeks, Ottomans and Venetians. The beautiful historical city center, with an enchanting ancient name of  Ragusa, is a UNESCO World Heritage and depicts signs of its wealthy past. Some days strolling around Old Town, along the fortified city and its imponent walls, enjoying the stunning sea and nearby islands, and tasting delicious seafood will make for the perfect holidays. And if you are able to extend your stay, we recommend you allow for a few extra days in the region to explore the stunning nearby island of Hvar.

Where to Stay

The main attractions in Dubrovnik are its medieval pedestrian city center and the beaches that surround it or in the residential area of Lapad. Most of the boat marinas are in the same areas, where you will be able to spend some lovey time enjoying the marvelous views and the sea. If you are in town to experience its attractions, stay close to Old Town, but if you are in Dubrovnik for some relaxing time and an extended stay, especially in summer, Lapad is also a very good choice and still not far from most of the city’s attractions.