La Ville-Lumière, or City of Light, is architecturally privileged, gastronomically perfect, utterly romantic and culturally diverse. It is no wonder Paris is the most visited city in the world, it is simply magnifique! Visitors can enjoy walks in the beautiful parks and gardens, shopping in the huge variety of fashionable trend-setting establishments and an array of Parisian sightseeing. Take a stroll along the elegant Rive Droite, with its monuments and upscale restaurants, or see for yourself why Paris has been the muse to so many iconic artists and intellectuals of past decades as you walk along the bohemian Rive Gauche, with its charming cafés and enchanting atmosphere. Why not watch Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” to whet your appetite? Paris is savoir-vivre at its best and it shall likely capture your heart and soul. We certainly do “love Paris every moment, every moment of the year”, as fabulous Cole Porter famously sang.

Where to Stay

In general we recommend that travelers stay close to the River Seine, in Rive Droite and Rive Gauche, or Île de la Cité, respectively the right and left sides of the river, or the small natural island right at its center. The right bank is full of museums, squares and luxurious shopping areas, and is the most elegant and chic part of town, as well as home to charming Marais neighborhood. The left bank is more bohemian and also home to some museums, as well as monuments and the world famous Saint Germain des Près neighborhood. The île de la Cité is the medieval part of town, and conveniently located between the other two regions. Any of these options will be ideal to visit the city and its monuments, as well as for very pleasant strolls. Please pay attention as Paris’ neighborhoods, called arrondissements, are numbered in a spiral sequence, so for example the 3rd and 11th arrondissement may well be next to each other. This information might help you plan your days in the city.