The northern tip of the Adriatic Sea is home to the unique Venice, a sought after destination in Italy, considered to be one of the prettiest cities in the world. It keeps its singularity as a city developed over tree trunks in the muddy grounds of a lagoon and that is subject to tides that overflow its charming piazzas. Venice’s quintessential architecture, romantic canals, lovely bridges, enchanting Carnival with mysterious masks and costumes, art fairs and outstanding seafood, all attract visitors looking for a complete travel experience. Such is Venice’s uniqueness, its splendors have inspired many forms of art, including literary and cinematic works. A good amount of movies have been shot there and books have been written having the city as a backdrop, an attempt to translate its magical allure onto pages and screens. Yet, nothing is quite like seeing it for yourself, getting lost in its narrow streets, labyrinthic alleys and canals, and capturing the essence of spectacular Venice.

Where to Stay

Venice is a much larger city than usually perceived, with more than one island and a large area in the continent forming the whole city. Yet, considering the difficult water logistics and its pedestrian nature, being close to hotels, good restaurants and attractions is essential. You should choose a place from which you can easily move around, and our recommendation is that you stay in San Marco/Castello, where bustling St Mark’s Square is located, San Polo, right by busy Rialto, or tranquil Santa Croce or Dorsoduro, which are a bit further away from the popular areas, yet still close enough. When moving around, travel lightly, as reaching parts of the city might be challenging.