The most fascinating thing about Amsterdam is that it has a personality all of its own. Renowned for its cultural diversity, liberal policies and tolerance, evident both in it its history and modern society, it is easy to be charmed by Amsterdam. The canals, the architecture, the language, the food, the art, the nightlife… everything is unique and intriguing. The city’s inhabitants move around in bicycles, celebrate life, brew great beer, grow tulips and make amazing cheeses. To top it off, locals are welcoming (unless you walk on their bike paths) and easy to communicate with, as virtually everyone speaks English. Amsterdam is also a great place to enjoy incredible restaurants, a vibrant nightlife and have wonderful experiences.

Where to Stay

Amsterdam is flat and sits below sea level, a geographical position that will make it quite easy to move around its uniquely distinct neighborhoods by foot or bicycle. Stay around Museumpleim if one of your main goals is to visit its numerous high quality museums. Jordaan and the Nine Streets region will put you right in the area locals go to, with elegant and cool shops, restaurants and some of the most beautiful canals in town. De Pijp is a former working class region that has become trendy and full of restaurants, cafés and a vibrant nightlife, and where you will feel Amsterdam the way locals do. Oud West is a lively area near Voldenpark, and attracts a young crowd looking for a dynamic experience in town. Avoid the city center around the red light district, it is too busy, packed with tourists and their obvious traps.