Florence, declared a world heritage site by Unesco, is the capital of Italy’s enchanting Tuscan region. Considered the Cradle of the Renaissance, the historical context for the flourishing of the city and the importance of the art originated there helped shape Europe as we know it. Masters of art, politics and finance lived in Florence, a combination which led to some historical and artistic treasures not to be found elsewhere. Rumor has it Florence was also the birthplace of the gelato, and we are convinced this must be true. Florence has undergone a freshening up of its piazzas and seen greater control of traffic, which is now banned from the city center, so we recommend exploring the city by foot. Home to some of the most important museums in the world, magnificent churches, cathedrals and palaces, as well as timeless sculptures and paintings, most attractions are in the city center and within close proximity of one another. Florence also has plenty of stories to tell and many locals delight in recounting amusing episodes of famous rival families such as the Medici, and their own tenuous historical links. Locals are fashionable and there are plenty of trendy restaurants and bars to be enjoyed as you explore beautiful Florence.

Where to Stay

Most of Florence’s attractions are in the historical center, hence a stay in this region might make your trip easier and more enjoyable, since you will be able to visit most of the city by foot. The regions around Uffizi, the Duomo, the Palazzo Vecchio and Ponte Vecchio are very good references and the bustling areas of town. Some other regions we quite like, and which are still within walking distance to the not-to-be-missed venues in Florence, are the areas closer to Santa Maria Novella and Mercato Centrale. All our suggested hotels are in those regions, so choose one that most appeals to you and have time exploring lovely Florence by foot.