The image we generally have of Vienna is one of elegance, opulence and imperial sophistication, a city with a strong connection to history, music and the Waltz. And that image is accurate, if somewhat simplistic. Important historical milestones for architecture and the arts took place in Vienna, and a trip to the city should include visits to the emblematic sites that marked these movements. Divided by the legendary Danube River, its waters and riverbank add an extra charm to your days in the Austrian capital. And the delightful Viennese cafes shall bring even more flavor to your unforgettable days in this magnificent city.

Where to Stay

If you are keen to experience Vienna’s imperial splendor and historical and cultural wealth, stay in the city center, in the area within Rigstrasse, the circular road that surrounds the old city. The region houses many of Vienna’s sights and the convenience and ease of moving around, many times on foot, compensates for the slightly higher hotel rates. Another good option would be slightly further west, yet still as close as possible to Ringstrasse, near Piaristenplatz, a local residential neighborhood with very few tourists. Should you like the idea of a more modern and cool ambiance, the blocks between Rigstrasse and Mariahferstrasse are ideal. Just be sure to avoid staying in Mariahferstrasse itself as it is a commercial center.