Local: Mykonos

Usually associated with partying, Mykonos is certainly the kind of place where you can easily enjoy dancing the nights away. Yet, this paradisiac Greek island also has a tranquil side amidst its magnificent sea of endless hues of blue and awe-inspiring sunsets. Our latest stay on the island was quite a long one and we were delighted to find many quiet or even secluded stretches… Read more »

Mostly frequented by locals, Fokos beach is away from the crowds and does not have beach clubs or bars. In fact, the beach has no formal infrastructure, and there are no fancy seats, sunbeds or parasols in sight. Bring your own towels, chairs and bottled water. There is, however, a lovely small tavern, where you can have a simple and delicious lunch. We had some… Read more »

Located in Panormos beach this is one of our preferred beach clubs in Mykonos. It is remarkably beautiful, with a beach décor and rustic comforts difficult to find elsewhere. The beach is gorgeous and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas to comfortably enjoy a relaxing day by the stunning, calm and pristine waters. Service is very good and the staff welcoming and helpful, regardless of… Read more »

No one would blame you for travelling to Mykonos to enjoy nothing but the sun, sea and sand amidst such magnificent scenery, but do consider having a half day cultural program in your schedule. After all, you are in Greece, the home of Mythology and a country whose rich history is part of the culture, of which Greeks are most proud. There is no need… Read more »

Agios Ioannis is a quiet beach in the south of the island which attracts less people than the usually crowded and more famous nearby spots. It is situated in the southwestern part of the island, an area somewhat sheltered from the typical meltemi gusts, quite practical on windy days. It is a good place if you want to get away from it all and just… Read more »

Ftelia is a very quiet beach, as is usual in the northern part of the island. This spot, where you could get away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches in the south, has no formal visitor infrastructure, so take anything you may need: equipment, snacks and drinks. A more comfortable option is Alemagou, a laid back yet tasteful boho bar and restaurant on… Read more »

A boat day trip to unspoiled Rhenia will make you wonder whether you shall gaze upon such magnificent varied hues of blue ever again. A boat trip is the perfect way to experience the most amazing shades, from the dark deep water tones to the transparent colors near the shore. The island is uninhabited and sheltered from the typical strong northern meltemi winds. There are… Read more »

Interni is one of the best options in Mykonos for a special dinner of Mediterranean food. Located in Mykonos town, the venue is stylish and tastefully decorated, specially inspiring if you can get seated in the courtyard and garden. Its open air ambience and lovely large tree make for an ideal atmosphere on a warm summer evening, when it seldom rains on the island. The… Read more »

Tucked away in the northern part of beautiful Agios Sostis beach is a charming rustic tavern that has become an institution in Mykonos. Reputably one of the best meals on the island, Kiki’s is a perfect way to end your afternoon after spending some time on the beach. There is a high probability of a wait for a seat at one of the few tables,… Read more »

This trendy beach club on the south of the island serves delicious meals with a lovely view, so we recommend Scorpios even if you are just looking to dine in Paraga. If you prefer to avoid loud music, which usually starts after five in the afternoon in most beach clubs, make reservations for a table at an earlier time. We opted to have lunch at… Read more »

The Buddha-Bar in Mykonos follows the house’s world renowned signature cuisine and atmosphere. Yet, somehow this Buddha-Bar exceeded expectations! Located in the Santa Marina Resort, it is one of the loveliest places to eat in Mykonos. The charming and trendy décor and relaxing backdrop music make for a perfect setting overlooking the sea in Ornos. The food is a harmonious mix of East and West… Read more »

Astra is a super trendy, chic and glamorous bar that has been hosting a distinctive clientele for a while. It is located right at the center of Chora and by the famous Three Wells, the epicenter of Mykonos town, perfectly situated for a lovely stroll around the labyrinthic cobblestone streets. Set in a typical Aegean white cottage, the Astra has an intimate atmosphere that gradually… Read more »

Folks in the know consider Spilia the most remarkable eating experience in Mykonos. Heres why: it is located in Agia Anna cove by Kalafatis beach, a lot less famous and crowded than other beaches in Mykonos; it is tucked away amidst natural rocks and accessible by foot over a platform; the scenery is breathtaking, overlooking the Aegean Sea and its magnificent views; and of course,… Read more »

One of the best places to sip fine cocktails and refreshing drinks as you watch the magnificent sunset is Caprice Bar. On the seafront and in the center of town, midway between the quintessential windmills and world famous Little Venice, this white and vivid turquoise bar is one of the most demanded gathering points on the island. Caprice serves well as an après-beach-before-dinner venue in… Read more »

A trip to Mykonos can get quite expensive, so if you are looking for a less extravagant stay, we recommend the Bay Resorts and Villas. Situated on a lovely rather unsung beach, it is perfect for some respite from other popular and crowded beaches on the island. The hotel is very close to the city center, an attractive attribute for the convenient enjoyment of the… Read more »

Lyo is a very charming and intimate boutique hotel located on a slope right on top of Paradise beach. A winding road takes you to a typical white dwelling, in keeping with the island’s architecture, and you can expect beautiful sea views throughout the property. The interior décor is a tasteful rustic yet contemporary style. Bedrooms and suites are gracefully decorated in light shades of… Read more »

Our stay at the Cloud Blue was extremely pleasant. The property has only a few rooms, giving you the feeling of being at your own island summerhouse. The owner, Jan, is extremely helpful, willingly sharing insider tips on how to best enjoy your stay. We were particularly delighted to learn he is the grandson of the archeologist who worked on the development of nearby Delos,… Read more »

The perfectly convenient location and trendy atmosphere of the hotel make Kensho one of the most enjoyable stays in Mykonos. Recently inaugurated, Kensho is a three minute walk to Ornos beach and near other famous beaches in the south of the island, such as Psarou or Paraga. We were delighted with its minimalistic yet cozy and comfortable décor. The accommodation is tastefully designed, with modern… Read more »

The Cavo Tagoo is located in the area by the same name. There are actually very few alternative hotel options in Tagoo, and certainly none in the first-class category of Cavo Tagoo. It is not on a beach, however, so should you prefer a beachfront property consider some of our other suggestions. It is near the center of town and an eight minute drive will… Read more »

If the Bohème becomes your hotel of choice, you will be staying right at the heart of Mykonos and the charming labyrinth of cobblestone streets, typical white dwellings, restaurants and bars will be a pleasant five minute walk away. The hotel is cool and modern, with an excellent bar and terraces with beautiful sea views. Bedrooms are very comfortable, decorated predominantly in light shades, and… Read more »