No one would blame you for travelling to Mykonos to enjoy nothing but the sun, sea and sand amidst such magnificent scenery, but do consider having a half day cultural program in your schedule. After all, you are in Greece, the home of Mythology and a country whose rich history is part of the culture, of which Greeks are most proud. There is no need to book a tour, simply go to the old port and take the boat to Delos, a nearby island that legend has as the birthplace of gods Apollo and Artemis and of light itself, as we know it. The archaeological site is well preserved and excavations uncovered riches considered some of the most important in the country. The scenery is simply astounding: Greek statues and ruins with blue seas in the backdrop. Take some bottled water, since it is only available for purchase near the small museum, which is further into the island and which you should reach just after visiting the archaeological site. If you should feel energetic, go up the small hill and literally catch your breath as you feast your eyes on the astonishingly marvelous panorama.