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Rhenia (Rinia) Island

A boat day trip to unspoiled Rhenia will make you wonder whether you shall gaze upon such magnificent varied hues of blue ever again. A boat trip is the perfect way to experience the most amazing shades, from the dark deep water tones to the transparent colors near the shore. The island is uninhabited and sheltered from the typical strong northern meltemi winds. There are dozens of boat rental companies in Mykonos, so we suggest you go on a private or semi-private (ten people maximum, but no itinerary flexibility) tour. If possible, we highly recommend you book a private boat trip and customize your day at your leisure. Request an experienced skipper with a flexible itinerary, so that you escape the small bays that can get some “boat traffic” in high season. A way to avoid this is to go early in the morning, however, do consider that late afternoon journeys bring the enchantment of an unforgettable sunset. Hire a company through your hotel, to ensure you have a trusted and experienced skipper willing to comply with itinerary flexibility, should that be your preference.