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Principote Beach Club

Located in Panormos beach this is one of our preferred beach clubs in Mykonos. It is remarkably beautiful, with a beach décor and rustic comforts difficult to find elsewhere. The beach is gorgeous and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas to comfortably enjoy a relaxing day by the stunning, calm and pristine waters. Service is very good and the staff welcoming and helpful, regardless of your order. This is a rarity in Mykonos beach clubs where good service usually follows the expected consumption of thousand dollar champagne bottles. The restaurant is excellent and some snacks and dishes can be served on the beach. It is quiet until around five in the afternoon, when the place turns into a cliché beach club with loud crowds and louder music. So, unless you want to party, we suggest you go early to make the most of the day before people start dancing on tables. Do book your sunbeds in advance if you are in Mykonos during high season.

Panormos Beach, Mykonos.