Zürich lake

We heard of travelers going to Zürich and spending all their time at the many outstanding museums, beautiful Münsters and charming historical cobbled streets of old town. Yet, we find the lack of references to the lake quite surprising. Lake Zurich is wonderful and on hot summer days, you will see people swimming in its very clean waters, sunbathing on its lawns along the shore, walking, jogging or cycling on the promenade, sailing the waters and drinking beer at the lakeshore cafés at sunset. So, why not join the locals and experience the lake while in town? If you want to enjoy a boat ride, a good idea is to book a private vessel. Avoid the tourist trap of large boat rides or infamous boat dinner tours, the best option is to check with your hotel for a suitable trusted rental company close to where you are staying (it is a large lake and some options might be too far for convenience). Attention: if you intend to swim in the lake check with the locals or authorities onshore for the best spots. There are places with strong currents which are not safe and you should avoid them (there are signs usually, but better be extra careful).