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Impressive stained glass

Some travelers avoid visiting religious sites or places of worship, but do not miss the marvelous stained glass at Fraumünster by Marc Chagall in Lindehof, and the wonderful ones at Grossmünster by Sigmar Polke in Niederdorf. They are actually in close proximity, you just need to cross the river over a five-minute walk. They all depict religious figures and represent important passages of the Bible, in a modern art style. The colors are simply breathtaking. We found it quite interesting to see these marvels one after the other, so as to compare and contrast Marc Chagall and Sigmar Polke and choose the ones we liked the most (in our case it was difficult, we loved them all, so it was basically “a tie” between the two acclaimed artists).

Grossmünsterplatz, 8001, Zürich Münsterhof 2, 8001, Zürich