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Im Viadukt and region

Do you want to see another side of Zürich, a cool and hipster up-and-coming part of town? Go to Viadukt. Located away from the old town (all our suggested hotels have tram stations nearby), a few hours around lunch time or at the end of your day should suffice to get you acquainted with Viadukt. As the name suggests, an old viaduct was converted into cool shops and cafés, right below the old stone arches. It is an area with a young crowd and hip people of all ages. Extend the visit to the über hip Geroldstrasse with its ship containers turned food stalls serving street food or Frau Gerolds Garten with its umbrella-covered patios. Go a little further to see modern glass office buildings making for an interesting blend of suits, ties and high heels of the business professionals with the trendy lively hipster alternative crowd. If you would like an easy bite to eat whilst there, we recommend Ambrosi on Viadukt Box 25: a delicious caprese salad and a mouth-watering moussaka made our day!

8005 Zürich, District 5