This is something you must see or better yet, try out! Zurich locals love to swim in the lake in summertime. There are lake pools like the one in Enge with wooden planks, but they profit from the green waters of the Limmat River as well. The Badis are a current local trend, small riverside clubs for swimming, sunbathing and doing sports and leisure. Frauenbad is right at the city center on the left bank and is a “women´s only” place, but you can see from the distance what it is all about (and, ladies, why not go try it out?). Oberer Letten is the cool one. Just go up the river (we did it by bike) and see how much fun there is in swimming the mild currents down. On the day we went, there was a young woman swimming upstream and such was the current that it seemed like she was stationary. We politely assumed she was training. When the sun goes down the vibe changes and Oberer Letten turns into a hipster outdoor bar. Unterer Letten is five minutes further up and has a different atmosphere, with wooden cabanas and a springboard to add to the fun, young adults love it. We loved to see how locals enjoy their summer and think you will too! Oberer and Unterer letten are quite close to Im Viadukt, so it might be a good opportunity to explore these one after the other, as we did.

Frauenbad at Stadthausquai 12 / Oberer Letten at Lettensteg 10 /