Even though the Flamenco actually comes from Southern Spain (Andalucia is well known for it), one feels like experiencing it when visiting the country. It is difficult to find authentic places in which to listen to and watch elegant and passionate Flamenco dancing without falling into a tourist trap. Los Juanele, in Eixample, is probably the closest you can get to a typical taverna full of Spaniards over 40 (youngsters seem not to cherish it so much) dancing and cheering. Men tap their feet fiercely, while women’s arms sway up and down in a way impossible to match, and spectators clap their hands making the performance even more dramatic. It is not a rehearsed performance, people actually dance in between tables, reminiscent of days past. Do not be afraid to come hungry, as this unpretentiously intimate spot serves satisfyingly delicious tapas (you cannot go wrong with manchego cheese and jamón) and beer. Check the schedule since it is not open every night and do remember that nightlife in Spain starts late.

Carrer d'Aldana 4, Barcelona