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Photographic tour

What could be better than developing (or mastering) new skills whilst exploring a city? Whether taking photos is your hobby, for social media sharing or you simply want to take nice pictures to register a memorable experience in town, photography tours can be a fun and unique way to get acquainted with Barcelona. We found the Barcelona Photography Tour to be a perfect experience. There is a selection of professional photographer tour guides, most very well rated, who will help you get better at taking great shots of Barcelona’s iconic buildings amidst the parks and sea. For those interested in photography, but who do not have high tech cameras, there are tours that can be enjoyed using smartphones. Check out Foto Ruta BCN for the best creative photos of Barcelona’s streets. We loved the tips of best editing apps and filters. Both options have programs for all levels of experience, different duration and places of interest. Highly recommended!

departing and meeting points vary in different tours, please check upon booking