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A Day Trip to Douro

  • A day trip to Douro

The Douro Valley is one of the most beautiful regions we have ever visited, particularly if you appreciate wine. We recommend staying at least two nights, although some travelers prefer to spend the day only. If you opt for a day trip, take a car and leave early in the morning to make the most of your journey. Take the fast route until Amarante and then N101 in direction to Peso da Régua: when you reach the river, before Peso da Régua, you will be graced with one of the most spectacular views of the Douro Valley. Skip this small city, we found nothing particularly interesting there, and continue on the picturesque winding road along the river all the way to Pinhão, a lovely scenic route. On the way stop at DOC restaurant for lunch and do take the time for some wine tasting at one of the regions “quintas” (wineries). We recommend Quinta de la Rosa or Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo. Both wineries offer accommodation, should you get a little carried away with your tasting or find you would actually prefer to stay overnight. In tiny Pinhão, visit the train station to appreciate the typical Portuguese restored tiles and shop for some wine and local delicacies. Continue on to Casal de Loivos and its “mirador“, a viewpoint all the way up top offering some of the most jaw-dropping views in the region. At this point you will be around one hour and ten minutes away from Porto, but the journey can be longer, depending how many times you stop to appreciate the amazing valley on the way back.