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Located across from Zurich’s main train station, this property is ideal for travelers who intend to make regular use of the train station (porter service can be arranged should you need assistance at the station). It is one block from Bahnhofstrasse and a ten-minute walk to the lavish part of this world famous street and Paradeplatz. The hotel has a small efficient lobby and a pleasant annex Bar, with leather chairs and stools, an opulent red chandelier and good service overall. The in-house French restaurant and café are also good options for dining in, although the streets behind the hotel have some nice cafés as well. The accommodation is colorful, if a bit old fashioned despite the retrofit, but very comfortable with quality linen and soundproof windows, useful to shelter out street noise. The bathrooms could use some modernization, but have all the expected amenities and comforts.

Bahnhofplatz 7, Old Town Zurich.