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La Villeggiatura

The Villeggiatura is a very small inn offering a homey stay near the busy markets and streets of the Rialto. This charming option, with a somewhat residential feel, is in the center of Venice in the San Polo area. The many shops and restaurants around it make it easy to enjoy the city, particularly considering it is also near another of Venice’s top attractions, the Piazza San Marco. Rooms are spacious in general and decorated in a mild Venetian style, with frescoes on the walls and wooden beamed ceilings. The top floor suite is one of the nicest, but bear in mind there are no elevators. Breakfast is served in communal tables, which could be quite amusing should you be in a social mood and willing to exchange anecdotes with fellow guests. The cost benefit of La Villeggiantura is very good, but you need to book well in advance as it has only seven rooms, during some seasons it takes a minimum of a two-night stay and it is well demanded.

Calle dei Botteri 1569, San Polo, Venice.