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Palazzo Naiadi

The Naiadi is a grand hotel with all the structure you can expect. A sumptuous classical lobby, with high ceilings and chandeliers, large Reception and Concierge desks, often helping the many guests. There is an upscale restaurant (the popular Eataly is next door also) and two others, a swimming pool upstairs (a lovely rare find in Rome) and a delightful bar under the beautiful arcade of the Piazza. Conveniently located near Termini, perfect for business people using train services or travelers visiting the charming Castel Gandolfo or Tivoli nearby. Rome’s attractions such as Piazza Spagna or Colosseum are a fifteen-minute walk away and the Diocletioan Baths and Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli are next-door neighbors. The rooms are larger than usual for Rome, and we loved the fact that some are located in what used to be a papal granary. They are very classical in style, with wallpaper, curtains and chandeliers and bathrooms in marble and dark wood (we loved the suite with the bathtub by the window). For an even more upscale stay try one of the suites with view to the Piazza, and the Panoramic Room would be a good choice for trips on special occasions

Piazza della Repubblica 47, Rome