Rue Cler

Gourmands beware: the following will get your cravings going! You will probably pass by the Tour Eiffel in your next visit to Paris, and if that is the case just continue your stroll… from the Tour Eiffel, walk along the open spaces of Champ de Mars (security permitting), stop at pâtisserie Lenôtre at École Militaire for a delicious pain-au-chocolat, or any other mouthwatering traditional French pastries, and then head on to Rue Cler. This bustling open street market is the charming and lively place where Parisians can be found buying their own groceries. You will find brasseries, cafés, boulangeries, amazing cheese shops, butchers, flower vendors, delicatessen, wines, fruits and vegetables stands, a shop specialized in whipped cream… you name it! We like to experience the daily lives of locals, mingle and immerse ourselves in their eating habits. Rue Cler is a perfect spot for all that!

rue cler