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Praia do Carvalho

The Praia do Carvalho is a hidden gem in the small town of Carvoeiro, one of our favorite beaches in the region. If you are staying at Tivoli Carvoeiro don’t miss spending a day on this beach, it is just a six minute drive away. Located in the lower part of a small cliff, to reach it you must go down some steps and through a tunnel carved through rocks (do not hesitate, the effort level is zero). Small and with no catering infrastructure, you should bring snacks and drinks along if you plan on spending some time there. Open up your beach towel and enjoy the beautiful scenery, magnificent green and blue ocean, rocky walls and towers and the huge rock in the middle of the sea, to which people snorkel to spot the local sea life. If you like to dive into the sea, take note of a tear on the right side of the rock wall, from which delighted visitors throw themselves into the water. Stretch out your visit a little longer to Carvoeiro village, which has quaint little homes and where your can relax at a bar or restaurant right by the main access to the beach. It is not worth a visit on its own but makes for a lovely after meal or evening stroll.