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Ponta da Piedade e Sagres

It is possible that a visit to Ponta da Piedade is already on your list, but this is such an unmissable experience we did not want you to overlook it. If you are staying at the Memmo Baleeira don’t miss this tour, it’s a short drive away. Go early, park your car and climb down the steps to come to one of the most spectacular sceneries in the Algarve: small rocks caressed by the magnificent green sea. Take a trip on one of the tiny boats that take visitors around the grottos, small beaches and rock pillars. If you are looking for something special and particularly enjoyable, rent a kayak or join a guided kayak tour. You’ll reach places boats cannot and will also be able to dive into the sea, which is not permitted from boats. It is a lovely way to enjoy the place without rushing. From there go on to Sagres, visit the fort, which is unremarkable yet has breathtaking views of the immense rock walls and sea. It is very windy, so take a light wind breaker. If you are in the region during a mealtime, go to restaurant Terra, only a five minute drive away and where you’ll enjoy a delicious meal.