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Palacio de Cibeles

We are often bemused when we hear travelers return from Madrid and miss a visit to Palacio de Cibeles. Located in front of the well-known Cibeles Fountain, this magnificent historical edifice once housed the Spanish Postal Service and was later renamed Palace of Communication. Its interiors are equally stunning, with a beautiful mix of old and modern architecture. The Palacio de Cibeles is nowadays the seat of Madrid’s City Council and houses a cultural venue, the CentroCentro with exhibitions about the city, a charming Reading Room, the enormous Crystal Gallery (sometimes referred to as Glass Gallery) and a mirador on the top floor with lovely city views. They often have special events such as exhibitions and movie festivals, so your visit could coincide nicely. Should you want to have a meal, we recommend Restaurante Palacio de Cibeles, run by famous chef Adolfo Muñoz. You will certainly pass right in front of this building at some point during your visit to Madrid, so make sure you stop and spend some time admiring this beautiful landmark.

Palacio de Cibeles: Calle Montalban 1, Madrid | CentroCentro: Plaza de Cibeles 1, Madrid.