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Eat & Drink

Tapas, tapas and more tapas. We openly declare our love of tapas and Madrid does not disappoint: you will likely find a tapas bar in every corner you turn. Certainly, food in general is taken very seriously in Spain, and you should not want to return home without trying some of the many traditional Spanish dishes. Avoid the restaurants around Plaza Mayor and Plaza del Sol, which are mostly tourist traps, and head to the less obvious parts of town to try a paella Valenciana, a typical chickpea stew called cocido madrileño or the unusual bocadillos de calamares, a sandwich filled with pan-fried squid. Enjoy sipping some sangria between courses and finish in style with some mouthwatering churros. And, even though comfort food is back in the vogue, Madrid still is one the best places to savor some molecular food with its liquids, foams, spheres and vapors for which Spanish chefs have become very famous. Provecho!

If you have to choose one single restaurant to go to in Madrid, this is the one. Located in the upscale neighborhood of Salamanca, Ten con Ten is considered the trendiest restaurant in town. The moment you enter the front door you will be absorbed by the sophistication of the modern yet classy décor. It so happens that the food is amazing as well, with… Read more »

Amplamente conhecido como um dos melhores churros da cidade, San Gines é uma tradição em Madri que data do século 19. Descoberto por visitantes recentemente, já não é mais frequentada apenas pela população local. Mas se você por acaso estiver pelas regiões de Plaza Maior ou Puerta del Sol, pode valer a pena dar uma passadinha para adoçar seu dia. Experimente os churros mergulhados em… Read more »

So good we could not help going for seconds before leaving town. Taberna Los Angeles is centrally located and close to Puerta del Sol, a surprising kept secret considering the region is full of tourist traps. You will eat and drink with locals in a rustic ambiance with a welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff and incredible tapas. Patatas bravas, pulpo a la gallega, pan con tomate,… Read more »

A perfect venue for a casual day when you are looking for good food and no fuss. Located in the “tapas district” of Madrid, La Latina, this tavern is very traditional and a classic hot spot. The old-fashioned understated facilities and décor as well as the laid-back atmosphere do not give away the excellent quality of Almendro 13’s tapas and food. In the menu you… Read more »

True, it is no longer a hidden gem frequented by locals. Centrally located, the market was discovered by visitors a while ago, yet the madrileños still cherish and often go to Mercado de San Miguel. You will not likely come across tourist groups, but rather travelers visiting town, who have made this market one of their top choices when deciding where to go for good… Read more »

Located in the neighborhood of Chamberi, this converted bank has been renovated into a stunning spacious restaurant that will delight you the moment you enter the premises. Mixing urban and industrial design with charming colonial touches, every decorative detail is thoughtfully orchestrated throughout its stylish ambiances, with hanging lights and tables placed on different levels. The habitués are eclectic, from young couples to business executives… Read more »

Our latest visit to this restaurant was truly amazing, and not simply a matter of savoring exquisite food, a meal at La Terraza is an unforgettable experience. The molecular cuisine and multi-course tasting menu include foams, vapors, intriguing textures, spheres that explode in your mouth and many other multisensory and chemical food transformations. This type of gastronomical experience was top rated years ago, and although… Read more »