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Lake activities

This is what we like the most about Geneva, people really enjoy the lake not only for strolls on the promenade, but also for some water acitivities. We suggest here some activities, which we think are enjoyable and worth your time and effort. Try kayaking, especially if you get further into the lake and away from city center, or Stand Up Paddling. Both are great ways to enjoy the views and fresh air whilst doing some fun light exercise. If you enjoy faster sports, skate surfing and water skiing are also available. Rent a boat with a skipper and sail to farthest areas, ask the skipper to stop at beautiful and safe places to dive into the water. Around the lake, going north from the main pier, you will see some companies that provide these services, and Marti Marine and Ski Nautique Club were trusted recommendations (the latter has two different locations).

Quai du Mont-Blanc 31 or La Perle du Lac, Quai Wilson 47, 1201 Genève