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Canal St. Martin

One of the up-and-coming areas in town, the quaint Canal St. Martin is still an unknown place for many travelers, but a hotspot for locals who like cool areas and a hipster vibe. Take a stroll in the Canal’s walkways amidst charming iron footbridges, quays, unique boats and locks, fashion shops like Antoine & Lili or Babel, graffiti walls, small art venues or the Artazart Bookstore. Enjoy some nourishment in the restaurants and cafes (we really enjoyed lunch at La Marine, and Chez Prune is well-known), and visit beautiful Du Pain et Des Idées boulangerie. Canal St. Martin’s appeal is that it is distinct from the usual Paris attractions, with no monuments or historical buildings in sight, which is probably the luring aspect for locals. It shall certainly be a refreshing day away from the crowds. A curiosity: many of the Amélie movie scenes were shot in the region. Voilá!