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Bologna used to have around 100 towers spiking the skyline, if you could have seen them in medieval times you would probably be astonished with the image (try to check some sketches depicting it). There are some 20 left to be cherished nowadays and, together with the stunning Piazza Maggiore surrounded by many palaces and arcades, and the recently renovated Netuno fountain with its trident that inspired Maserati cars, they make up the very well known attractions in town. But Bologna goes a long way beyond that: make sure you take a look at our tips before you plan your trip and you will surely have a great time in wonderful Bologna. Be in the know!

The whole Archiginnasio is unmissable, and given that it is located just 5 minutes walking off Piazza Maggiore we often wonder how someone would not take the time to visit this jewel. As you enter the building you will be amazed by the ceilings and inner courtyard, with an outstanding amount of coats of arms and other references to some of the University’s students, which… Read more »

St. Stephen’s Basilica is a complex of religious buildings also known as the “Seven Churches”, an interesting reunion of small churches that form a homogeneous monument in the city. It has a replica of Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulcher, so perfect that when the original one was destroyed the Christian Church went to Bologna to model its reconstruction. A very interesting paper-mâché Pietá made of confiscated playing… Read more »

Modena is usually associated with carmakers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati or as opera icon Luciano Pavarotti’s birthplace. But the city is much more than that and a 26-minute train ride will take you to this very beautiful small and elegant Italian city. The Piazza Grande has some of the prettiest buildings in town, such as the magnificent Duomo (do not miss the chapels… Read more »

Visitors gather around Netuno Fountain to admire the newly renovated statues, a worthy sight and one of Bologna’s most marvellous landmarks. Most visitors continue on to the famous and stunning San Petronio Basilica, one of the largest medieval basilicas in the world, and miss a visit to this gorgeous palace that used to house the Town Hall and other administrative and trade congregations in the… Read more »

It is to be expected that a city with such longstanding cultural tradition like Bologna would have a grand concert hall. Located in the historical center, near a bohemian area of town, the classical building has rich interiors in its performance rooms and usually holds excellent operas and concerts. Do check in advance what is on before heading to town and plan your cultural program.… Read more »

One of Bologna’s most remarkable characteristics are its extensive and prominent porticoes. We were surprised to learn that there are actually 40 kilometers of them. Another curious fact is that in the past it was mandatory to have them built at least 2,66m high, so that a man on a horse could pass under the arches. The largest extension of porticoes is the one that… Read more »