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Day trip to Modena

Modena is usually associated with carmakers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati or as opera icon Luciano Pavarotti’s birthplace. But the city is much more than that and a 26-minute train ride will take you to this very beautiful small and elegant Italian city. The Piazza Grande has some of the prettiest buildings in town, such as the magnificent Duomo (do not miss the chapels in the lower level). On a side street, beyond iron cast doors, take a look at the Mercato Coperto, also called Mercato Albinelli, a market selling the irresistible Italian delicacies and with a lovely tiny fountain at its center with a child holding a fruit basket. Walk around the city’s distinguished porticoes and head to the stunning Palazzo Ducale. If you are interested in cars, end your day at the Enzo Ferrari museum, not where the cars are actually produced, but a museum dedicated to the beloved Italian autos.