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The well known Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and so many other incredible Berlin attractions surely are in your top pick list already. Please allow us to suggest some different things to see and do in town, sights and sounds that are not in everyone’s list and which we believe to be lovely experiences for your trip to the amazing city of Berlin. You will surely enjoy them!

Forget about the usual way of thinking of a museum, the DDR is an entirely different and captivating experience. Intending to show everyday life in the Socialist era, the museum innovates by bringing an immersive experience of the former East German days. It is divided into areas that depict life “behind the walls”, with descriptions of how people lived, played sports, went to school, took… Read more »

Did you ever think about going around Berlin on a Segway? Perhaps not, but this is how we rolled and we loved it! Taking a Segway tour is an exciting, fun, entertaining and informative way to visit many of Berlin´s landmarks and attractions alongside experienced tour guides. Segways are easy to use and after about three minutes you almost have the feeling it is easier… Read more »

Another unique museum, it is actually more of a documentary showcase focused on the Nazi’s rise to power. The museum is on the site where some of the Nazi agencies were once headquartered, and one of the weakest points of the fortified wall that divided the city between east and west, and its different ideologies. There are many pictures, videos and reproductions of newspaper articles,… Read more »

It is quite fun to ride around Berlin, especially if you have friendly knowledgeable local guides. This tour is truly interesting and takes you places not usually on Berlin visitors’ list, such as spots in town where key historical events took place and information on some unknown details or peculiarities of Hitler’s regime. Berlin is a landmark in the history of humankind and the local… Read more »